Saturday, January 17, 2009

Where I Create

Thankyou to my lovely friend Janet from Shabbyfufu for sending me this wonderful book.....

I'm sure many of you out there have read the magazine version and probably read the book too, I hadn't, I must say it inspired me no end

Click here to find out more details on the book and magazine

I have shown my little work spot many times before on my blog I think, anyway here it is once again! I love my little space, and that's what it is "little" floor to ceiling windows, fantastic natural light, Guss has his bed very near to where I work, more often than not Bella (the cat) is snoozing on one of the chairs, a Vintage Pine Baltic table to use as a work bench, which doubles up as a spot to sit and relax when Tony comes home or really anyone popping in, they just sit and chat to me as I work.
We do have a spare room I could adapt to a no thanks I'll stick to my sunny little corner....
Yet after reading this wonderful book...hmmm??? I'm thinking, I'm happy with my little workspace I create in, but maybe a little revamp would be we go then

Below is the outside view...

Below is the before photo - the one before my clean up

Old Painty bits and pieces everywhere!...get the garbage bags out.....whew why would I want all those tubes of dried up paint???


"The After Shots"

My version of an Organised Work Space -

Probably doesn't look much better to you
But to me - Goodness - I feel like a Queen working in my little corner now....just that little bit of a clean up made the world of difference...mind you I need to have my materials close at hand, nice to be tidy but everything needs to be practical too - I think I've created a good working balance here

My frames are all organised now....the unusable ones have been thrown out and some nice freshly painted treasures are waiting ready to be filled

I used a Vintage tin to store some of my paints in, which doubles up as a little shelf for my fresh Garden Roses which I must have next to me when painting

To add to the atmosphere I bought this light fitting at our local trash and treasure market this cost me $2.00 - nothing special - yet I think it fits in well.
I simply must have photos/prints/paintings of roses hanging for inspiration all around me

Thanks for looking at where I work....not sure about you but I love to see Where Others Create...I must say I will be a regular reader of this magazine from now on.

Happy Creating to you all ~ Gail ~

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