Wednesday, April 15, 2009

New Listings

I've just had a bit of a thought
I'm going to try doing a quick Blog Post on a New item I list on my website, once I've listed the item...not necessarily a background story on how I painted it or came across the frame or whatever, just a quick photo and link to the new listing, the reason being is I'm thinking there are so many websites and blogs to visit out there at the moment, this idea may make things easier ...we'll see how things go, as always I love to read any comments left, but there is no need at all to leave comments on these blog posts "New Listings" idea I have - well of course you can leave comments if you want to, listen to me, this is an idea I've just come up with as I type, who knows how long it will last!!
Sometimes it may be something I have nearly ready for sale - but not quite ready yet! like the one below

Or a Ready to buy Just Listed Original like the one below - you can always click on the photo to be taken directly to the item listed on our Website

Thanks for coming over and I hope your week is going along well

~~ Gail ~~

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