Thursday, April 9, 2009

Romantic Country Magazine

Thanks for coming over to visit

I was so excited this week to discover my "Sweet Bird with Pink Roses" print taken from my original painting was listed in Romantic Country Magazine's Favourite Finds, it was chosen from a selection of beautifully Framed Prints available on Shabbyfufu's website, thankyou both Janet and Fifi for putting a huge smile on my face this week!! Of course me being here in Australia and Romantic Country Magazine being an Americian publication, I'll have to patiently wait for the copies to appear on our Newsagent stands - although I do have a few photos below

~From Roses to Sea Shells~

I can't seem to put my paint brushes down at the moment, so I guess while the urge is there go with it, but I must say our website is looking very understocked in the framed print department ~ I will get back to restocking soon, in fact Tony and I are working on some now ~ so please if you are after some framed prints don't completely give up on us ~ they are coming!

I loved working on my original French Inspired Canvas Paintings and had a bit of an idea for another series of Originals on Canvas ~ thanks Mel remember we discussed this theme a few months ago? ~ I probably should have finished a few of these and grouped them together to show you a series, but I do have a busy few days ahead of me as we have our market this Easter Monday, so here's the idea, a simple Beach Shell on plain white Gallery Stretched Canvas. Tony has some lovely simple white furniture pieces at the moment, I think if I can get a few more of these finished they will look wonderful ~~~ here I go off on another tangent!!

I might put this one up for sale on our website ~~~~ We Shell Sea how things go

I hope you all have a fabulous Easter ! ! !


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