Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A bit of this and that

Here's a few random photos from Sunday of our Market Stall, not many pieces of Tony's furniture for this market - must have been a pre Mother's Day buying rush as the day before our market we realised we didn't have much left in our furniture stock at all - we made do, or should I say Tony made do - he's very good at setting up and organising the market stalls

As it was Mother's Day, both kids came to visit, Ellie sitting enjoying a little bit of Fairy Floss and Todd with, I think a yummy pizza in the box

They bought some lovely Mother's Day presents to the market for me, the beautiful Tulips below and my other present was.......a gift voucher for .......
3 no. x 2 sessions of house cleaning by a professional cleaner!!! imagine that - I was thinking I might have to dash around and tidy up the house before they come!

Thankyou Todd and Ellie for the presents, it's hard sometimes doing markets on these occasions - but then again they can turn out to be a bit of fun which this one was as Todd's partner Mel also came with her Mum and Dad, we had a nice little get together and thanks Tony for supplying delicious Fish and Chips for dinner - no cooking on Mother's Day for me.

I'm hoping to get some new goodies up for sale on our website very soon, my Dad was taken to hospital on Sunday night - it's been a bit of juggling the last few days - the main thing is Dad is doing OK and hopefully will be back home soon

Thanks for coming over to visit

~~Gail ~~

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