Monday, June 22, 2009


Thanks for the feedback on my latest Seaside Rosy Painting theme from my previous post.

Tony came home last night with some wonderful old chippy white boards he'd found, he'd cut them up and sanded them back for me ready to paint. I couldn't resist starting on them today - I knew the photo of the seagull I'd taken at the beach during the summer would come in handy - and here it is on the chippy board - I quite like the simplicity - click on the seagull for details of iton our website.

I've also listed a shabby timber boat


is the photo I based my painting on, I wanted to retain the great chippy white background

Continuing in with the Sea/Ocean theme


is a photo of Todd (son) with his massive 36 kg Yellow skin Tuna he caught

We're very much looking forward to tasting part of the catch in the next few days!!!

Thanks for coming over to see what we've been up to

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