Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Love of Tea Cups

Thanks for coming over to see what I've been up to

I've just finished a new painting on a chippy blue vintage timber panel, I've done a few of these, they are wonderful and a pleasure to work on

This one is simply of Vintage Cups and Saucers. As the timber is old and chippy it's not smooth and even, which makes it a little difficult to paint in fine detail - I rather liked the fact my cups and saucers have character because of the texture of the old timber

I've just listed them on our website, if you're interested you can click on the teacups for details

Explaining the photos below....

I loved the cushion in my below photo
Had to have it but had no idea where to put it, it ended up in our for now "Beachy" themed Loft Bedroom, mind you this Beachy themed Loft bedroom could change directions at anytime!

The painting on the bedside table is one of my originals I painted to fit in with my bedroom theme, it's since sold , but just thought I'd give you the general idea of how things evolved from me buying the cushion

In real life our attic bedroom is very crisp and white, very hard taking photos at this time of the year here in Melbourne, let alone the fact my poor old camera is not quite up to it - looks a bit dowdy in my photos

Thanks so much for coming over
~ Gail ~

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