Saturday, June 6, 2009

Website Woes

I'm still Having Website troubles
but you can access my Website by clicking here

The photo of our Guss above has nothing to do with this Post - by the way, thanks for popping over and hello, hope you are all well. I really had intended to list my latest "Whimsical Painting" you can see below - not to be though. For the last few days I've not been able to access certain sections of my website - you know how it is, thought it would right itself....hoped it would right itself, no no no it didn't, after spending countless hours trying to eliminate this that and the other thing - geez that sounded technical, I contacted my Web Host Pappa Shop - appears they are having major issues and it wasn't me at all - so anyone out there who has Pappa Shop as a Web Host - it's not you! - be patient they assured me the problem will be fixed soon!
Last time I looked my website was a a very all over white, blank screen

Oh well seen as I've put a photo up of Guss I'll say in most photos I take of him, he looks so serious - he is extremely camera shy, in addition to being scared of pretty much anything at all, plastic bags, the heater being turned on, you name it, he's scared of it - I would love to take photos of some of his funny expressions and moments - no, by the time the camera clicks he's hiding his face!! I keep persisting though..... Pity really as I think he would be perfect featured on some of the Bulldog Greeting cards you see.

OK, so above was my latest canvas original I've just finished, I'd planned to list it on our website tonight, I love working on these, they're quite smallish (8 x 10") so relatively easy to work on, therefore affordable - never mind it will be listed as soon as my website is resotred back to it's working self

Thanks for coming over - enjoy your weekend whatever you maybe doing - it's a long weekend for us


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