Saturday, May 30, 2009

Chalk Boards and Basil

Thanks for coming over to visit
I worked on a quick little project today - a project for me, it was a bit of fun.
If you're anything like me you hate waste, I've been experimenting with my unbleached artists linen and was having a bit of a clean up today, was just about to throw some of the offcuts into the rubbish bin, looked over to my glass container full of Basil and it came to me - I buy our herbs from the Hydroponic Farm down the road from us, therefore the roots are attached, they tend to look a bit muddy if you know what I mean, why not use my linen off cuts to make a little cover for those muddy looking roots - I took the easy way and ran the linen through my printer to print the word "Basil" sounds easy enough but it can be a bit tricky, maybe click here to see my post on printing materials before you attempt this project -
I may just have to do a few more of these as I love the end result

See what I mean in the photo above - "Muddy Roots" not a nice sight

Below - my hidden roots!

I also managed to paint up a few chalk boards, which I've justed listed on our website - click on the photos for details

Thankyou for coming over to visit
Have a great weekend

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