Friday, July 24, 2009

Simply Thongs

I'm slowly building up my Beach Inspired Originals, Prints and Gift Card section on our Website, here's my latest original I've just finished today.

A pair of thongs, not sure if the word "Thong" is just an Aussie term for these plastic/rubber things we wear on our feet over here in Australia in summer and seems the latest fashion in winter too, I trip over one of Ellie's many pairs everytime I walk out our back door, she seems to have a wide variety of colours and styles, anyway I propped one of the many pairs up today as my subject - view the photo below

Do you overseas people have something similar to thongs, what do you call them? I think a thong to you is a skimpy piece of underwear, which over here it is too, how confusing and quite funny really when when you think about it!!

here's my subjects, well worn in, that's how we like 'em (as in from worn in on feet)

I have the original painting for sale from our website now, we will be getting a series of prints together very soon for all our interested Beachy customers

thanks so much for coming over to visit

Have a wonderful weekend whatever you maybe doing


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