Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome 2010

Hope you've survived the New Year's Eve Celebrations?
Very quiet for Tony and I this Year, spent the night at home eating cold chicken and salad and of course a few celebration drinks.
It's been so hot here over the last few days, thankfully the cool change has arrived.

Thank you all for your comments on my previous post, for those that asked my new camera is a Canon digital IXUS 95IS, certainly not a fancy top of the range model, but for the money I had to spend and the functions I needed to suit me, it's perfect, very user friendly, I've yet to sit down and read the manual - what??....not read a manual...??, anyway would highly recommend this one

Anyway for some reason Guss doesn't shy away from this camera as he did with my others, I couldn't resist loading on the photo of him above, not sure if he's exhausted from the hot weather and couldn't be bothered moving or just likes getting his photo taken with my new "Green" Canon Camera?

Thank you all for taking the time to leave comments on my blog posts, I've appreciated each and every one.

I think I may have missed out visiting and returning blog comments and I do apologise, I've had ongoing computer issues over the past month, I think I may have solved the problem, if not this poor old faithful computer may have to be put into retirement, sad to think as it's been a good friend to me over the years

Once again

Happy New Year to you all

lots of love

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