Monday, February 1, 2010

She finds Sea Shells

Hello and thanks for coming over

I've been very picky with my Treasure Hunting lately, I'm constantly trying to declutter, the house, my little corner studio and I guess my mind .. as in always thinking I need to do this that and the other thing!
So I've been pondering every purchase I make:
You know - Am I just buying it cause it's cheap?, Will I use it?, Can I sell it?, Can I give it a revamp and paint something on it and make a profit? Do I need it? (although daughter Ellie tells me it's not about need, it's about want)

I did fully justify these Sea Shells I found at the Trash and Treasure Market on the weekend.

Not sure about everywhere else, but around here, it is illegal to take shells from the beach.....ssshhhh....don't let on.... that most of us, at sometime have been guilty of slipping the odd shell into our beach bag or pocket. Do you remember as kids, when we didn't have all the rules and regulations, collecting bucket fulls of beautiful shells even sea horses and sea urchins not forgetting starfish, I never see anything interesting on my beach walks these you?...maybe drift wood and sea glass, which is interesting I might add

So for 20 cents each I couldn't pass these up.
The lady I bought them from had lived in Portland, Victoria...
I'm going to display and enjoy them, better still I'll use them for subjects when I paint - done and justified!

The vintage silver cake stand I've displayed them on, is one I've had stored at the back of a cupboard for years - I must have known ages ago that I loved the tarnished look - that's why I haven't been polishing it!....sounds good to me


I haven't been neglecting my Roses

I've finished quite a few timber boxes and storage/display thingies this week. I'm thrilled to say they have all been very popular, the latest one in the photo above is "On Hold". I'm pleased to say I've pretty much exhausted my supply of boxes at the moment - another declutter project crossed off the list, so will be on the look out for more to revamp, mental note to myself to get Tony on the job too - but we need to be selective!

That's about it for me - Take care

~ Gail ~

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