Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dress Form

Hello to Everyone

Thought I'd do a post on a few of my latest paintings I've been working on

I bought the Dress Form you can see in the photo below from a Garage Sale ages ago, it's in good condition, apart from the rivet thingys rusting and snapping off.

Anyway was inspired to use the shape of the dress form in one of my Original Whimsical Paintings. I was going to keep to the original colours of the dress form - you know washed out greys/browns - it just seemed a bit dowdy for what I had in mind, so ended up with lovely tones of soft greens and pinks

Here's what I came up with

and my latest larger sized original

You can click on either of the Original Paintings for details

Thanks so much for coming over

take care ~ Gail ~

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