Monday, February 15, 2010

Testing ~ New Lavender Prints

Hello to Everyone!

I've not really had anything to blog about lately, you know how it gets, everything ticking along nicely, nothing exciting or dramatic happening.

Just thought I'd show you the wall I hung my newly finished Lavender Prints on, some are new designs, it's great to do a test run of how they're going to look once hung.

Probably haven't arranged them properly in the eyes of the "Stylists" - but in this House things are done to suit and please us.
Not sure about you, but I get a little sick of the rules of arranging?....My Rule is, "If it makes me smile, it's good"!

This wall behind our stairs leading up to our Loft Bedroom, is perfect to hang whatever I please, I had a collage of mirrors at one stage, but got a bit over that, I think last week I had Roses, this week I'll enjoy my Lavender - who knows what will be next week

please note the bumps and blemishes in the plaster....our poor old house, we're not sure what to do with it, sell or stay and pour more money in with impending Road making costs....??

Funnily enough I had the tarnished Silver Mirror (see below) in my stack of frames ready to paint - I think it fitted in perfectly amongst my prints, I'm definitely leaving it as is for now, no paint brush will be getting near it!

Meant to also mention our usual Mornington Market for the second Sunday of the month was changed to the third Sunday of the Month due to Mornington Cup Day - which means it's this Sunday coming, so if you're in the area please pop in and say Hi!

Thanks for coming over
~ Gail ~

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