Sunday, February 21, 2010


Hello and thanks for coming over!

Why the Phew?

Well it's been one of those weekends, you know the ones I mean, where you go full steam and don't stop to catch your breathe

I'm now sitting here doing this blog post when really I should be over on my website restocking, as it's looking very bare, never mind as they say "Tomorrow's another day"

So Saturday our daughter Ellie was a Bridesmaid, all those months of preparation finally came together

I've attached a photo below

As I wasn't a guest at the Wedding, I got to take loads of photos, I love the Professional Wedding Photos, but think the quick Snap shots are just as important.
I quite loved the carefree look of the Bridesmaid's in the photo below that I took after the Ceremony, when I bet the Bridesmaids felt relived they got their Bride to the Alter, safe and sound - job done

After the Wedding it was back home for me to finish preparing for Our Sunday Market

Tony had finished some fabulous furniture during the week
I really would have loved to have taken this big utility bench home - no chance, it sold

I don't think the photo does it justice,
Not sure the name of the silvery timber he used for the top but he left it as is, all he did was polish it to give it that wonderful deep old fashioned sheen.
Just in case you're interested we use Gilly Stephenson's Lavender Cream, applied with very fine wire wool, then polished off with a soft cloth
Apart from anything else it's great arm exercise!

I've slipped in the other two pieces of furniture he finished during the week, but my fav is the one above - boo hoo

Thanks again for coming over
I hope you all had a Good Weekend

Bye for now and take care
~ Gail ~

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