Saturday, April 17, 2010

Something different and finally found some Jars

First of all, thank you all so much for your lovely comments on my last post, I didn't manage to find any if those Lollies, but seemed to snap out of my "Can't be bothered" mood, I guess we all need to go through feeling like that don't we?

Anyway have been looking out for nice old glass jars, love the way they're being used at the moment. I can't believe how many I must have thrown away over the years. What do you know, this morning I found these three at a Garage Sale, they cost me 50 cents, complete with rusty lids! Nothing much at all in our garden at the moment, anything you do pick flower wise, seems to drop petals within a minute, so thought these rose stems where quite quirky, in fact I'd picked them yesterday for a painting I've been working on....

Not even sure if I feel comfortable showing this painting...but here goes, deep breath, press the Publish Post now button and it's all done
So I've given my new Original a little trial hang up in our Lounge Room, I could have done better with my arrangements in the foreground...way too late to go messing around with my "Styling"! now and taking more photos, obviously not one of my strong points.
Anyone that follows my work, knows I absolutely love painting Roses, not in a million years would I ever stop painting roses or for that matter, would Roses ever not be sought after!.....Just think how long they've been around for?......
I must say though, I very much enjoyed working on this one.
I'm going to finish it with loads of coats of Gloss Varnish...
My aim was simple, elegant, neutral colours

Also meant to mention
We're taking advantage of this beautiful Autumn weather and will be at Flemington Market tomorrow, you can click here for details. Love to see you if you can make it

Thanks for coming over
~ Gail ~

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