Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bits and Pieces

Hello and thanks for coming over!

Thought I'd share a great Clearance Sale I went to today

I got there quite early, the line was way too long for me to stand around waiting, cause I was on my way to visit my Dad, so I ended up going later on in the afternoon on my way back home.

I managed to buy these two, they were such a bargain!

I love them both, the Cane towel/clothes rack will be perfect at the end of our bed, I was desperately needing somewhere to store my growing collection of scarfs, is it my imagination, or is there a craze on Scarfs this Year?

Loved the quirky tea light candle holder below, although you could use it for so many other things, I've popped in my bottles with a few sprigs of Potato Creeper, about all that's left in our garden at the moment

OK, so in case you're interested the Sale is on for only two more days, you can find the details below, you should be able to click on them to enlarge.

Villa Maison is one of my favourite Shops to visit, the clearance Sales are held twice a year, believe me they are fabulous, you can go here to visit their Website.

If you end up going to the Clearance Sale, I'd love to know what you thought and what was left and what you came home with.

They had the most fabulous, hmmmmm .....goodness I don't know where to start....I wanted everything!!

(Cheltenham, being in Victoria, Australia)


Before I took off this morning, I was packing a few orders, you know bubble wrap and cardboard boxes everywhere, I had my back to Guss and could hear him crying....

"What's the Matter with you now Guss"??
As you can see, he's looking very worried, even stirred himself to stand up in his warm, comfy bid.....

and here's why!!

Big Sook he is, he mustn't have been able to see Bella in her little Bubble wrap nest, all he could see was the bubble wrap moving.
He's such a Hero is our Gussy


Hope you have a wonderful, what's left of the week

I'll leave you with my Mother's Day Flowers Ellie gave me, they're just starting to come out,


Thanks Ellie for your prezzies and thoughts!

~ Gail ~ xxx

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