Sunday, May 2, 2010

Lilacs - which frame to use?

Hello to everyone and thanks for coming over

Was doing a bit of catching up on the blogs and face book and came across some beautiful photos Jo Anne Colletti from Vintage Rose Collections, had taken, she is a clever cookie, you can go here to visit her blog. She kindly gave me permission to use the photos as inspiration for the painting I've finished below

Thank you Jo, it was a pleasure working on this one.

I had already cut and gessoed my board to suit the size of the frame I was painting I remembered I had another frame tucked away, similar size...hmmm??....thinking to myself, will the painting fit into the frame?, as you can see in the photo below, it did

I'm now puzzled on which frame I like best, or another thought's just come to mind, when I put this one up on my website for sale, I could offer both frames, the buyer could choose.

There you go, blogging sometimes does help you sort your thoughts out


Hope your weekend's been a good one,

A little wet down here today,

I managed to get to the market and buy some tiny fresh roses, yes they really are tiny

I've once again used my trio of vintage bottles

Nearly forgot to mention...

A wonderful New blog -

I think you'll enjoy a visit over to "A Very Fine House", you can go here to see, added bonus they have a giveaway happening

take care

~ Gail ~

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