Saturday, June 26, 2010

Another Laundry Addition

Hi there!
Thanks for coming to visit
I've been happily working away on another Painting to add to my Laundry Series.
This will be the last for now I think

The Painting was inspired from my Old Wooden Pegs, I remember when I was little, these pegs used to fascinate me...remember the Peg Dolls?
Of course I would never use the pegs for pegging out my clothes on the line, they live in a jar and are for display purposes only!

Here's my prop I used for my Painting, I didn't have a Box of Soap Powder, so had to use a box of tea bags as a fill in character. Isn't it annoying the way those tiny little Macro Boxes of Laundry Washing Powders have sky rocketed in price, they're meant to be POWER PLUS and cost effective, but I find myself using the same sized scoop as I did with the older versions...umm, maybe it's just me??

As for the Packet of Starch, I've had it in the cupboard for years, I bought it when I went through my phase of reselling vintage linen, that phase didn't last long. I wasn't good with the starch, I somehow managed to always get my proportions wrong, I remember once I got them so very wrong the table cloth was so stiff the edges wouldn't fall over the edge of the table, sort of like a piece of cardboard sitting on a table!! Quite comical when you think about it.

Here's another from my Laundry series, this one has sold, but just thought I'd pop it in to show you.

Happy Weekend to Everyone!

~ Gail ~


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