Monday, June 14, 2010

Work in Progress

Thanks for coming over
Very much appreciated your well wishes for our Market Yesterday, thankfully the weather was kind: chilly, but no wind or rain and isn't that the main thing!
A long Weekend here for us, no Post Office Open today, so had a bit of a free day, slept in this morning...bliss!...did a bit of vague decluttering and cleaning, every bit helps, that's my Motto anyway!
Yes...couldn't resist starting a new original painting on canvas.
Bathroom theme for this one.
Lots more work to be done on it, that's for sure, as I love following any Work In Progress, thought I'd show you mine.

I lined up my Favourites, and I might add each and everyone of these have been given to me on special they are genuinely my favs

Hopefully will have it all done tomorrow night

Thanks for coming over

~ Gail ~

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