Monday, July 19, 2010

'Experimenting' with our Bathroom

Hello, Hello

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend
I managed to do a bit of revamping in our bathroom on Saturday, you see, we have no kids at home now

Beware though!
When they leave home, they leave possession's behind...
old shampoo bottles, makeup, perfume, hair gel..and much, much more
Keeping in mind that's just the bathroom!

  With this decluttering, revamping bathroom in mind...I'm thinking, I've had an old wardrobe door in the shed for ages, dragged it out and gave it loads of coats of white paint and a bit of a sand back around the edges. 

OK....I'm going to now confess

The real reason for this Post is cause I wanted to try out this updated blog posting
 version...yes you're right, I'm a bit slow on updating anything, I do realise the up date's been around for awhile!

Here we go then, I'm going to put a few photos on now, using the new up loader
...all seems simple enough so far

Well how about that, one click and the photo's on, no dragging the corners to enlarge it, seems to be staying exactly centred and where I want it to...easy

Just for fun I've added the "Bath" hanger... these signs make me giggle in the word Bath hanging above my bath....really you don't say, is that a bath?!

The Soap...really is a cake of soap!

I'm having a bit of trouble deciding on a particular theme for our bathroom, no doubt I'll change it quite a few times yet until I'm satisfied....which is usually never!

Thanks so much for visiting and putting up with my little experimental Post

Love to hear if you're using the new Blogging Posting thingy, if yes, what do you think?

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