Monday, September 6, 2010

I'm Reconnected

Hello and thanks for coming over

We've had some wild, wild weather here in Victoria!
Crazy high winds and rain

Although nothing compared to the tragic conditions in New Zealand
A branch from one of our trees fell on our telephone line on Saturday Night
Needless to say I've been  Phone & InternetLESS for a few days

here's the after photo of our repaired telephone line

Finally, the Workman came today to do repairs, mind you only temporary repairs
Turns out there's been over 200 hundred damaged phone lines, in our area alone
He'd fixed six this morning and had run out of cable....thankfully he could do a patch up for me today

It's been very stange withouth the internet there at my finger tips
Most things I do I look up on Line
I don't even have a phone book anymore
Apart from the weekends I read the Newspaper online
I don't look at my massive collection of Cookery Books now, simply Google Recipes
As they say
"Everything Happens for a Reason"
In this case the Reason being
For me, I think I need to go back to doing a few things the Good Old Fashioned Way!
Let's see how long that lasts for!!

I have been enjoying full on painting
Thought I'd show you this one I finished , you can go here if you'd like details

May you keep
Safe and Happy
Where Ever you Maybe

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