Monday, September 20, 2010

Lamb Shanks in the Tagine

Hello All

I've been eyeing off Tagine's, have you heard or do you have one?

Hmmm..?? Wasn't sure if I was willing to pay around $100.00 for one
You know what it's like, another kitchen gadget you love for a few weeks
Then it either gets used to death or shoved in the back of the cupboard, never to be seen again until you move house

What do you know I came across one on Saturday at a Garage Sale
Brand Spanking New!...

Has anyone else cooked in one?
I'm very impressed so far
I cooked Lamb Shanks and they were Melt in Your Mouth Delicious!!

here they are ready to pop into the oven

I loved the fact you can brown your meat directly on the stove top, apposed to the slow cooker where you throw everything in raw, or have to brown in a separate frying pan first, I like my onions and meat slightly browned

This is a quick version of how I cooked the Lamb Shanks:
I marinated them for four hours in
Lemon Juice, Mint, Red Wine, little bit of Olive Oil, fresh Rosemary and Mint, Salt and Pepper
I heated my stove cook top and browned the Lamb Shanks, removing them to a separate plate once done
I then added onions, a little bit of flour, then the juices from the marinade and white wine to make a thin gravy
Stirred it all around till smooth
Then added the Lamb Shanks
I added extra fresh Rosemary and Mint...cause I love it
Put the cone top on
Pop it into a preheated 150 deg. oven and let it cook for a Minimum of two time limit...the longer the better
Turning and basting when you feel curious enough to see what's happening in the Tagine

I served ours with pumpkin, potato and cauliflower

Now this is where a larger sized Tagine would have been better
I would have loved to have added vegies to the Tagine instead of cooking them separately

Woops...I forgot to take an after photo of the finished Lamb Shanks
I was hoping there would be left overs for dinner tonight
but NO Tony ate the extras

Thanks so much for coming over
I would also like to add
I've had trouble returning visits to a few bloggers leaving me comments,  
Annie, if you're reading you're one, I can't seem to get your blog to load fully...??
What goes on, I don't know!!

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