Friday, October 1, 2010


Hello and how are you all?

For anyone doing markets,  or in retail etc.'s coming into our BIZZY time for sure

We've both a Saturday and Sunday Market for the next few weekends

It can sometimes be a little overwhelming to keep up with the changing buying trends for our Markets,
I like to think of this as a good thing though
as it gives us both a bit of a chance to let loose

  I bought some lovely fresh Pears from our Local Farmers Market
did a little stage prop with my favourite French Urn.
 In the background you can see my finished painting...
I've changed the colours of the pears and added my fav stencil to the French Pot

It's way too large to Post
so will be coming along to the Market with us to sell

Forget to mention
Tony made a wonderful rustic frame...which you can see below
I think I'd like to keep this one....

Thanks so much for coming over to visit
Have a wonderful weekend

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