Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Pasta Salad Recipe

Hello, hello
I think most of us have a good old reliable recipe we fall back on when we need to come up with something to "Bring Along" to a BBQ or Party

I've had a few requests for my good old reliable.. Pasta Salad, but it's one of those recipes that's in my head, I have no idea of the ingredients or quantites, so when I had the kids over last night and made it, I took note of what I was doing and took a few photos too...well sort of anyway
First off cook a few cups of your favourite pasta
I find larger sized pasta works best, as it doesn't tend to go soggy
Meanwhile put about five eggs on to hard boil in a saucepan of water which you've added a little bit of vinager too
this takes approx. 8 minutes and to easily peel the shells off, rinse the eggs under cold water as soon as they are cool enough to handle
Don't stray away from the task though, if you do the shells will tend to stick to the eggs
not nice, specially for an impatient person like me!

Now drain the pasta and add a handful of frozen peas and corn...yes straight from the supermarket packet!
stir them around so they defrost in the warm freshly cooked Pasta...we don't want them to go soggy and over cooked

Good O, the Basics are done
Now the fun begins:

Find a nice largish serving dish for your Pasta Salad
about 300 grms of your favourite mayonaise (1/2 one of those supermarket tubes)
add in some water and stir it up till it's all creamy and sort of runny
 add chopped fresh spring onions
a little bit of curry powder, salt and pepper and cheese (whatever cheese you choose),
whatever herbs you have, I picked some fresh mint, parsley and basil from the garden
Give it a good old stir around before you add your extras

Then gently fold in your extras, mind you I don't sometimes add extras!
Just whatever you think would be good...snow peas, celery, green beans... or whatever you have left over in the fridge

Once that's all done
Simply chop your boiled eggs up
Lay them on top of  your Pasta mix
Squirt more Mayonaise over the whole top of the dish to keep everything moist and tasty
 then add a little Paprika, Curry powder, more cheese to the top
Cover it up with Plastic Wrap
Pop it into the fridge until ready to serve

Then bring it out and give it a bit of a toss around

Really a very easy recipe, which I hope I don't make sound complicated

Hope you can use and enjoy it

~ Gail ~

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