Tuesday, November 9, 2010

This and That

Hello there..
Just thought I'd pop into say Hi!

Finally we're enjoying some beautiful warm, sunny days here on
The Mornington Peninsula

Thought I'd buy Guss, yet another Bed, last count he has five...welcome number six
This one is meant to be an outside under the shady trees, bed for the warmer days....setting it apart from his "Day Bed", "Night Bed" ...etc. etc.

hee hee...have a look who claimed it

Non Other than Miss Bella!

 "Cats Rule"!!


Let's hope the weekend turns out OK!
We have Mornington Racecourse Market on Sunday
go here if you need details
Cause we'd love to see you!

I've Just listed some cute Christmas Card Packs on the Website,
you can click on the card for details if you like

Thanks so much for coming over
take care

~ Gail ~ xo

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