Monday, November 1, 2010

My Computer Adventures

Hello there!

Hope everyone is well and happy!

Goodness I've had a funny up and down month, hoping things in November will run a little smoother?
Mind you no real dramas have happened, nothing that couldn't be worked through or fixed.

My latest episode was my Computer, keeping in mind it's five years old and has been worked hard!  A few days ago it started making static noises....then all of a sudden a black screen, I did try all sorts of things to bring it back to life, this has happened before. 
OK, I have my laptop which I only bought a few days before we went on our holiday, I'm actually not one to have to have the Internet available 24 hours a day, but just thought it would be good to have in case Tony and I had time to pop in and visit any of  Customers...all the information would be at my fingertips!!...ha ha, the day we ended up visiting Julie at Rambling Roses (see pics below) I ended up looking her details up in an Internet Cafe!...I'd forgotten the laptop!
So back to my computer saga, I found my laptop hard to work on when it came to editing my artwork etc.
Yes, time to buy a brand new Desktop, which I did yesterday
As you know all these things take time to setup customize and install  programs etc etc.....still a work in progress
Now here comes the funny part
I'd assumed it was my actual computer that died, turns out it was both my Monitor and Speakers, not my Computer, so really all I had to replace was my monitor and all would have been fine....arghhhhh!
At least I can retrieve my files from my old computer, trying to look on the positive side and
I now have three computers!  Think I'd rather have spent the money on a Big screen TV!

Here's Julie's beautiful shop
Rambling Roses (click for details)
 in Dorrigo NSW
please pop in for a visit if you're up her way...WOW!!  gorgeous shop,  gorgeous surroundings!

so so so pretty
What's Tony spying in the pic above??

It was lovely to meet you Julie....
Tony and I are looking forward to lots more Travelling/Visiting trips in the near future

Speaking of Tony
He's been selling at our local mid week Wednesday Street Market here in Mornington
(weather permitting)  it's a great mid week community street market.

a few pictures below

For anyone interested
I've  just loaded some very affordable Accessories onto my website, all based on images from my original paintings
They'd make perfect Christmas gifts

Love these latest Ballerina Bag Tags.

Thanks so much for coming over to visit
I'm planning on getting my paint brushes out this week!!

take care

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