Friday, December 17, 2010


Thanks so much Girls
 for your encouraging comments on my last Post!

Phew!!  Finally I feel I've achieved a little today:

  • We've had a very annoying dripping shower tap for months, I finally managed to take the tap apart and replace the washers 
  • I did a bit of a rush job on my Annual Home Made |Christmas Tree Challenge, I think it turned out OK, considering I didn't spend one single cent on it, all bits and pieces, including plant clippings from home 
  • I nearly completed a very large canvas painting to sell in Tony's New Showroom

  •  below:
    First off I put together my frame from rusty old plant holders stacked on top of each other
    I then simply snipped foliage from our over grown hedges and secured everything together with Florist wire
    since these photos:
     I've being snipping and adding a more foliage to my Christmas Tree, I'm sure you're all a bit over seeing Christmas Trees, so I'm not going to post my pics between I've been
     painting my large canvas
    Still a bit of finishing off to do on the painting, I'm very much enjoying working on this one.
    A work in progress..
    Thanks so much for coming over to see what I've been up to
    take care

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