Saturday, January 15, 2011


I'm linking this Post to Sarah at "A Beach Cottage"
Sarah is one of the most Inspirational Bloggers ever!
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Her blog is, shall we say, very addictive!

The Sun's Shinning so I've been a'painting!

First on the Agenda:
My Library Steps, that's what I call them anyway
I love these steps, I'm hoping Tony will be able to take a pattern and make more..

They are so practical
In the photo below, you can see them in their original condition
I've given them a bit of a revamp

 2nd on The Agenda:
A Vintage School Case
Do you remember these?  I think I still have mine somewhere, I do love them in their original condition, but this one didn't quite make it if you know what I mean?
I didn't feel at all guilty covering it in white paint

Couldn't resist painting on a Single White Rose

The Steps aren't for Sale on my Website
but the little School Case is
if you're interested you can click here

Thanks so much for coming over

Hope you're safe and well wherever you maybe

Lots of kind and positive thoughts to those effected by the Floods


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