Thursday, January 20, 2011

Would you like to Come up Stairs and See What I’ve Been Up To?

Hello and thanks for coming over here
For ages and ages I’ve been meaning to do a bit of a Revamp upstairs in the front section of our Loft Bedroom, I guess you’d call it a Parent’s Retreat, although we don’t have any kids at home now, so who are we retreating from?   For awhile there it was a Dog’s Retreat (Guss), no more!

Here was the state of it this morning
IMG_1965 The actual painting of the window and walls was the easy bit, don’t you find it’s the preparing and cleaning that takes the time

  I managed to do 3 coats of paint all in one hit, it was so warm today and the paint was drying extra fast
I was very resourceful with the decorating side, isn’t that always the favourite part?
I won’t bore you with details, apart from saying I’d bought the couch cover ages ago at Ikea on special for $10.00, it was designed for one of those fabulous corner module couches…OK, so I got the scissors out and adapted.   The Timber Chest in the picture above, was one of my very 1st stripping back projects, I think about 15 years ago, I did it in Caustic Soda.
No it’s far from perfect, but keeping in mind our house will be probably sold this year and bulldozed
Why not do a bit of a revamp, it’s so nice and clean now, somewhere I can maybe escape to and eat my lunch with a book or magazine, instead of eating it while I’m working.
I’ve also had a little time to work on a new project
I’m planning on offering Printed Fabric Panels on my Website, a little fine tunning and they’ll be available very soon

IMG_1980 Thanks for coming over
I’m now off to rest my absolutely tired aching body, I think I may have overdone things today…you know how it goes though
Gail xx

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