Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sharing with you how I did my Basket Makeover

I thought I’d share my Picnic Basket makeover I’ve just finished
Perfect for a Valentines Day Celebration Picnic!
I started off with this plain old Cane Picnic basket with the blue and white gingham lining.
I have a love for silvery washed out cane baskets, but they’re very hard to come by, so I thought I’d try giving this one the look I had in mind
First of all I unpicked the check material lining
I then sprayed it inside and out with a Grey Paint Primer, sprayed on a bit of flat black too…why not?… I kept randomly layering the spray paint on
Once dry I brushed on my soft white coloured paint, just brush it on though, don’t go trying to get into all the crevices
But wait there’s more…
It looked a bit stark….time to get out the sand paper and give it a bit of distressing to let  those sanded back silvery hints of cane show through
and just to make it a one of a kind
I’ve added a blackboard disk which I’ve painted a single white rose on, the disk is blackboard painted both sides, which makes it perfect to write a message in chalk on the back
Thankyou for coming over and I hope my cane basket makeover was of help to you?
Gail xo

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