Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Handmade Wreaths

Hello and thanks for coming over

I wanted to show you these beautiful hand woven wreaths I came across at a Garage Sale. 

I fell in love with their simplicity, but doubly fell in love once the owner of the house told me how she makes them each year from a Creeper which she cuts back every year that covers her Pergola.

Gosh, I’m fairly sure she said it was a Wisteria, come on all you Garden experts, does that sound right, do Wisteria’s have extra long flexible branches with gorgeous little random curly tendrils?


I bought 4 from her, I’m not completely sure where and how to display them; so far one is hanging at the side of our stairway, I attached my little birdie just for fun.



Tony has claimed 2 to put in his Shop, they look great, I forgot to take my camera, but will get some pics tomorrow

In the meantime:

I’ve been continuing my roll of finding treasures to revamp

Here’s the B4



IMG_2053 640

white roses057

Have a great week and stay safe where ever you maybe!


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