Monday, March 28, 2011

The Mystery of Treasure Hunting

Hello, Hello and how are you all?

After all my years of Treasure Hunting, I still scratch my head as to why in a short time span I find things in categories:  One week it maybe loads of vintage china, the next gorgeous vintage ornate frames (although I would be happy if that happened all the time).   Do you find this happens to you too?…How strange

The last  finding Category were these:


Apart from the scoop on top of the Pail, which my son made in Metal Work at school, these are my finds for the week.

I have given the Lid to the bucket a bit of a revamp, couldn’t resist painting on some white roses…just because I thought the bucket would be perfect in the Laundry for Washing Detergent and don’t well need a bit of cheering up when we’re in the Laundry?


Oopps, I nearly forgot to show you the Shoe Stretchers I found on the weekend….see what I mean, it was a Silvery, tinny, aluminium week for me


I wonder what next weeks finds will be categorized under?


Thanks so much for coming over to see what’s being going on here

and if you were interested in my hand painted Tin Pail please click here as it is available on my website


Happy Week to you all



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