Monday, March 21, 2011

Not sure what to call this Post?

First thing to get off my mind on this Post is how much I enjoy reading the comments left on my posts, but I’m also aware of how time consuming it can be to leave comments for each blog post you read… 
Bottom line is:  I love reading your comments, but I don’t always have time to leave comments in return: Visa Versa no doubt!
OK: so I’d love you to read and enjoy and comment if you want…but don’t feel obliged.
That said, let’s get on with what’s been happening  with me
First of all I wanted to share my weekend find with you, maybe not anything sensational, yet something that simply appealed to me
Found at a garage sale, I love it, it’s a genuine hand painted, vintage one…
I confess it wasn’t this weekend I found it, it was the weekend before, because this weekend we Celebrated Tony’s Dad’s 80th Birthday
…all I can say is, I hope I’m as fit as he is at the age of eighty
He played Eighteen Holes of Golf in the morning, then his big 80th Party in the afternoon….goodness knows what happened that night??
Not a good quality photo, but there he is on the left, and any Footy fans wondering – yes on the right is Tom Hafey, his best mate from many many years ago.
John McCormack!!
Just a little p.s. to say I’ve listed 2 hand painted black boards on my website…pop over if you like by clicking here
black board bird028 560
Thanks so much for coming over, have a wonderful week and see
You again soon!!

~Gail~ xo

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