Monday, June 6, 2011

And yet another Make over

Hello and thanks for coming over

I’ve just realised my last few posts have featured “Make over's” I’ve done, just goes to show what an exciting life I lead at the moment….although, I like it that way, you know nice and normal, ticking along with no dramas!

Here’s an easy one I’ve just finished



& not forgetting the before pic


I’d planned to paint roses on the finished shelf and list it on my website, but it’s a little too big to post, it’ll stay as is, I’ll keep it home with me for a bit to play with, then put it up for sale in Tony’s Shop.

Speaking of Tony’s Shop, he’s got some wonderful goodies in stock at the moment. 

His shop is one of those ones where you can fossick, some of his stock he’s revamped, others is up for sale as is ready for you to take it home and use your imagination… not forgetting his originally made furniture….OK so I’ll show you a few photos so you can get the idea of what I’m on about

IMG_2647 IMG_2648


IMG_2649 IMG_2650


IMG_2652 IMG_2654



 IMG_2662 IMG_2657

Of course we have a supply of our prints, gift cards and my original paintings also!

And wait there’s more…always supplies of traditional pine bedside tables etc…you know that useful stuff!

For anyone interested our Shop is situated at

Gordon Street, Mornington Vic Australia

check my website here for details here if you like

Well that turned into quite a longish post…thanks for staying with me and please always pop in and say Hi if you’re in the area, we would love to see you

~Gail ~

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