Thursday, July 21, 2011

Black board paint

Hello to anyone popping over here to read my post, hope all is well in your World

I had to laugh to myself today when I went to buy a can of good old fashioned “Blackboard Paint”….I’m very sorry to say, there is no such thing anymore…It is now known as “Chalkboard Design Paint” and I might add is twice the price!

How things have changed, surely it wasn’t that many years ago I bought my good old fashioned “Blackboard Paint”??

Anyway, I just had to complete these projects that have been spinning around in my mind….here they are:


I love the vintage chippy frame I used for the one above and the frame below was once a fireplace screen, so is free standing…perfect!



Last but not least: I’ve painted up a timber door frame and embellished the chalk board with a swag of pink roses, this one is available from our website, you can view the details by clicking here.


Thanks so much for coming over to visit

Gail xx

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