Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I’m back in business!

Hello and thanks for coming over!  I’m very happy to announce I have my computer back from warranty repairs, I was grateful to have my old one as a back up, but was getting frustrated with the poor old faithful machine, if you know what I mean? 
Here we go then, this is a little update on our news
Thought I’d share with you, once again, two projects I finished last Saturday.  Isn’t it always the best feeling to make use of old bits and pieces
I won’t claim it was us who hinged the wardrobe doors together, I bought them ready done from a Garage Sale, but I will claim it was me giving them a bit of a distressing
and here they are all finished…both sides
You can see the before pic below
IMG_0108 IMG_0109
I did my layering of colours technique to achieve the final chippy old look, I also worked on a timber not so old bunk bed ladder
IMG_0119 (533x800)
These two will go into our new shop, you know the one I mentioned on my previous Post?, the one that’s stocked up and open! 
We’re thrilled with the customer feedback,  another large load of stock arrives this week!
IMG_0137 (534x800) IMG_0136 (800x587) IMG_0138 (634x800)
IMG_0139 (800x412) IMG_0146
IMG_0160 IMG_0151
IMG_0155 IMG_0149
We’d love you to pop in and visit us, you can click here for details
Until Next Time……

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