Saturday, October 15, 2011

An Overdue Update

Hello to all!
Seems these days there are too many options to share news over the internet,  I’m getting a bit lost keeping up with my blog, website, face book profile and 2 face book business pages on face book!
I don’t think I’m alone..??
Anyway, thought I’d report in here, because I do love blog land, and wanted to do a post on what’s happening in my little world:
.First exciting Happening was for our DIL Mel to be featured in
October 2011 issue Weight Watchers Magazine (page 108)
Wow!   What a well deserved experience for Mel to be flown up to Sydney for the photo shoot with Weight Watchers!...CONGRATULATIONS Mel!

.Our daughter Ellie is due on the 1st November to have her first baby, we’re all very excited to say to the least!   Baby Shower completed and very much enjoyed!!
The girls put so much into the day….wonderful food (above pic is before the rest of the food came out)…fun games, although the smell “What’s in Nappy” game made me feel a bit icky….has anyone else played that one at a Baby Shower? 
and the prezzies Ellie got, believe me, they were WONDERFUL!!
How lucky and proud I am to have such a beautiful Daughter and Daughter In Law!!
I shall be sure to share photos of the new arrival
Thanks so much for coming over
~Gail ~ xo

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