Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Meet the Pets

A blog wouldn't be a blog without introducing the pets. Technically speaking they are our kids pets not ours but you know how it is! Anyway meet Guss and Bella, I don't think I have to point out Guss is the Aussie Bulldog on the left.

As you can see he's too scared to kick Bella out of "his" bed, doesn't look pleased does he?

When Todd our son said he was buying an Aussie Bulldog I nearly died, I was thinking oh no not one of those aggressive aweful dogs, how wrong I was, Guss is the most gentle loving dog I have ever come across, he adores Bella the little cat, she jumps on his back and torments him no end, there is no way he would ever hurt her, he sort of just shakes her off, he's so so loving to the point of being annoying. In fact when Todd left home we wouldn't let him take Guss, we were OK to let Todd go but not Guss

The trouble was up untill a few days ago Bella the cat trusted all dogs as she was used to gentle Guss, we had a normal dog visit us who wasn't quite as used to cats as Guss is, bit scarey for Bella as the dog chased her, so ever since then when we have a strange dog visit she scampers up to the very highest point of our house she can, it has to be a spot where she gets a view of what's going on though!

So after meeting our real pets above is a photo of an original painting I did a few months ago of a pink poodle, in my mind I called her Fifi, isn't she just so different to Guss, bet she's not as nice though.

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