Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Clean Up Tuesday

I've noticed a few other bloggers have put their favourite rooms on Rate My Space, I had no idea of what and how I did it but yes I gave it a try for my bedroom make over

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and please let me know if what I've done is not quite right!?

I'm desperately trying to clean up and give our house a bit of a make over. I feel sad as Tony & I used to spend so much time on little projects around the house, that was when we had a normal life, seems as if the last few years we have been so busy trying to make a go of our business the house has been forgotten.

I've now decided to put a Tuesday morning (maybe day) aside for extra jobs around the house, last week it was a big clean up on the front verandah, today I gave the end section of our Loft bedroom a makeover. Please note this is just one end! other end still needs attention.


This was our bedroom this morning, with the feature blue wall and heritage cream architrave trim

The photo above was taken mid morning, I'd given the walls their first coat of soft creamy white paint, bit difficult as we have a water bed which can't be moved unless you want to empty the water out, then refill it and wait 3 days for it to warm up. I just had to paint around it. As you all know it's not just getting out the paint brush, if only, there was so much dust and fluff behind everything! ehk.

Just after lunch now
I couldn't wait for the paint to dry so I could add some decorations, I must say I have plenty of them around!

The little door on the left you can see, with the lace curtain in front leads into our ceiling, we use it for storage.

Thought this chandelier I had would give the room a nice touch.

I was aiming for a minimized Shabby Chic look, thought it would look best with the semi modern angles of our Loft Bedroom's ceiling and window.

Photo on your right, I picked out a print from my stock waiting to be sold on the website, loved the soft peaceful background green, may have to keep this one.

Don't mind telling you I'll be looking forward to hopping into that bed tonighy

Thanks so much for taking the time to read my post, I would love you to leave a comment of what you think.

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