Monday, September 24, 2007

Where do you Blog from?

I was only thinking last week what fun it would be if everyone did a posting on where they blog from, well not only blog, any type of internet contact, in other words where's your computer?

We all seem to spend quite a bit of time tapping away on our computers. I was reading Katrina's (Little La Las) blog today and she had a photo of where her computer is, now when I read her blog I know where it was coming from

Here's where my little possie is and yes it is a little possie, a cute little room under our stairs, it was originally Ellie's bedroom, untill she started collecting clothes and makeup etc. bit small now.

I haven't created this post to show off this section of our house, far from it, this is just where I spend lots of my time, I hesitated for so long putting photos of our house on the internet, like so many others I was waiting till I finished this, that and the other thing, when will that happen?

Don't wait to show us some photos of your Computer room or space, now will be fine, just as is no cleaning up necessary!

If you do a posting on your blog of "Where your Computer is" you could leave a link through my comments section so we can all easliy link up to your posting.......Little Lalas has just left one with her link if you would like to see an example

Speaking of, I must at some time repaint our blue feature walls, I'll put it on my list of things to do!

Below you can just see where the computer is, that's as close as I get taking photos in that room, lots of goodies behind that door I can tell you

Here's our kitchen below, you can see how close I am, handy for when it's tea time and I can work away in my little room and still keep an ear out for burning food

I'm only a new blogger, maybe this idea has already been done before. If so new photos won't go astray

Just thinking if anyone wants to share their computer spots, but doesn't have their own blog, you could email me a few photos and I could put the photos on my blog for you, I could make a little feature of other people's computer spots.
Probably best to email me through my website contacts section

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