Saturday, September 22, 2007

Saturday news

Saturdays are always busy, even if we don't have markets which we didn't this weekend.

I went to garage sales this morning, isn't it funny how sometimes you find lots of the same thing in one particular day, today was my day for sparkly glass.

I don't think you can see each glass item properly but I did seem to have alot of beautiful crystal glasses, a lovely glass dome, a crystal vase and a pair of candle stick holders, so much when I got home I put them in the dishwasher and they came out beautifully, I don't think I spent more than $20 all up! Not always like that at garage sales though, just a lucky morning

Can you see in the photo the stand my mirror is sitting on (another pic below) it's all scrolly and Italian looking, I love it, it's sitting in the garden waiting for the perfect top, today I found a round mirror, it was only $5.00 so I thought why not, no got it home and just a little too small, I've used it for the above photo but you couldn't safely prop it on the scrolly base, never mind I've put it on our Table for a centre piece.

I had planned to paint the base white and distress it

The beautiful Orchid in the photo above I bought from a street stall the local church was running, oh yummy beautiful homemade jams, sponges, little flower posies, homemade cordial,I took a photo as you can see below. Because of all the new food handling regulations we don't often have these street stalls anymore, this one was a treat. I won't tell you what I bought and have already finished eating!

I did manage to finish some bits and pieces for our website and ebay too, big incentive for working today as it is our night out for dinner!

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