Monday, September 3, 2007

To Rose or not to Rose?

I'm still trying to get through all my frames, this particular one I've had primed and ready to paint for ages, it's one of those made in China ones, frame and insert all in one, sort of a false distressed look to the frame, it's quite large and I thought it would look effective with simple Vintage China, no roses or buds or leaves dropping around. In one of my past posts I mentioned how I can't stop collecting shabby chic treasures for props in my photos, I'm just as bad collecting vintage china for my still life paintings, most of it's all chipped and cracked, nothing matches, still useful to me.

This is my finished painting, I was just about to list it on our website, but just didn't feel right about it, I think I do need to add a few roses and little buds. It's a bit too plain looking I think, glad I stopped and re looked at it, I'll sleep on it but I think tomorrow the roses will be added

Any ideas would be welcome

THANKS FOR YOUR ADVISE much appreciated, I've decided I love the painting the way it is NO ROSES, I've listed it on our website

p.s. do you like my beautiful fresh pink roses above from Dingley Market

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