Saturday, September 1, 2007

Woops I've done it again!

We had a market to sell at today, we don't often have Saturday markets, I was feeling really deprived because I'd missed out on going to Garage Sales. Well what do you know on the way home from the market I came across a Garage Sale, the property was breathtaking, I happened to have my camera and took a few photos, you can't see properly but the sea view was spectacular. Red Hill is a beautiful part of the Mornington Peninsula, I'll try and get our Red Hill Market posting on next.

Funny things was I'd bought these beautiful scented pansies (never heard of scented pansies before) from our market and was thinking I doen't have a nice vase at home to put them in, what do you know there was one at this Garage Sale, I also bought the silver rimmed, glass coaster, they were a bit tarnished so I've polished them up and just love them, what else could you do with them do you think, I've truelly got heaps of coasters.

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