Saturday, October 27, 2007

Saturday Morning Finds

I found some lovely bits and pieces at garage sales this morning. It's been such a beautiful warm sunny day, when I arrived home I decided to start work on everything straight away, don't know about you but I find once I put something in the shed to be worked on at a later date, it seems to stay in the shed for ages. I loved the little cherub book ends, they are made of some sort of stone/marble, hope I haven't painted over some expensive piece! I still need to shabby them up a bit, but aren't they the sweetest.

The watering can on the right I painted some lovely pink roses on and have listed it on our website.

I loved the lamp in the photo on the left, I have a thing about lamps at the moment, not sure what I'll do with it yet.

Loved the wicker table, it was already painted white, lots of chips and blemishes, I paid $2.00 for it, I think it will be good to have outside over the summer, if it gets ruined for $2.00 who cares. The little stool is adorable and the wire carry basket thingy on the table is quirky

click here for details on the watering can
Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend
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