Sunday, October 28, 2007

Shopping today & a bit of Christmas Inspiration

No Sunday market for us this weekend, it was so wonderful to spend some time with my daughter Ellie, she works long hard hours and we don't often have time to catch up.

With no intention of buying anything we went to our largest nearby shopping centre, well yes I went to buy a new tyre for my car!

We came across a new $2.00 shop and yes it was all "$2.00" each piece, Ellie has a fetish for shoes (amongst other things!) her bedroom is in the original older section of our house so she doesn't have built in wardrobes, her beautiful shoes sort of hang around..we had seen these wonderful see through designer shoe boxes advertised at quite an expensive price in a magazine at some time, today we discovered them in our $2.00 shop for just that...$2.00 each

I've just reorganised our computer room and decided to buy a few as storage boxes, I think they will be wonderful

Here's a few of Ellie's filled with shoes, just imagine a whole selection neatly stacked on top of a wardrobe or whatever...what a quirky display apart from making everything tidy and clean


Ellie has been telling me about these gorgeous thongy\sandle things, maybe you've all seen them, I said to her, oh I don't know how they can justify the high price for a pair of thongs...well when I actually saw them and tried a pair on, they are just beautiful so comfortable and yet so elegant, I had to have a pair, so many styles and colours to choose from, but I decided on the pair below , I would have loved the white or pink...but hmmm????

In our house Ellie is our Chirstmas inspiration, she co-ordinates colour schemes, decorating and really just the whole thing. Today we chose our colour scheme, she wanted silver and teal green, for once I had a bit of input and asked if we could introduce a little pink, yes that was OK, so at this wonderful $2.00 shop here's our start of chrissy ordanments and wrapping paper


Ellie our Christmas co-ordinator

Finally home and I start on hand painting a Merry Christmas Sign keeping in mind our colour scheme, I'll take prints from the original, I thought mounted on board with a ribbon or wire beady hanger they will be great to sell at the market and on our website

I'm also working on some Christmas cards - here's one of my finished cards

Thanks so much for visiting


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