Thursday, November 1, 2007

Roses & Mr Guss is Sulking

I'm sure not very exciting for some of you reading this but to me YES very exciting!
I've actually picked enough roses from my rose bushes to make a little display in a vase...
I've been feeding and looking after my rose bushes in a desperate effort to get that bunch of roses!
When I'm painting roses I absolutely have to have a live rose in front of me, one single rose will sometimes do for a whole painting as I turn and twist the poor little fresh rose into all sorts of positions

Below are my rambling roses in our garden, I have no trouble growing them, in fact they are overtaking our garden but I love them

They are fantastic as subjects when I'm painting my resting rose paintings

I also love them at Christmas time in amongst lots of Ivy and Christmas Decorations as a feature

Now here's my second part of this posting..... Guss, our Aussie Bulldog, I can't tell you what a cuddly whimp he is, the most gentle and loving dog you could ever meet. He really does think he's a person and likes to sleep up stairs all day. Well no! I think he should have a bit of fresh air, so I've been locking him outside during the day

This is the response I get from him, he just won't look at me because I won't let him inside!

Breaks my heart but he needs a bit of time outside....doesn't he?

I hope you don't think Guss is one of those big aggressive dogs, no he is a sooky la la that's for sure...even the cat scares him to death!
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