Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Guss gets a Chic Make Over

OK so Guss badly needs a professional going over, yes of course I give him a backyard wash, but being an inside doggy he needs the nails cut, ears cleaned properly and his breed really needs all those creases cleaned thoroughly.
This is where our friend Phyllis comes into the picture
I've already mentioned her gorgeous home which was in one of our previous posts,
featured in Country Home Ideas it is an absolute treat
I'm going to do a separate post on inside photos I took today of her home, as I had way too many photos to fit into this one post

This post features her wonderful Dog Grooming Service
Based in Mount Martha on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula, with spectacular views of the Bay what more could a doggy want?

This is it
this is the wonderful welcome you have when entering the driveway, bit of a misty morning, normally lovely sea views
around the back entrance we go to
"Groomingdales "

A lovely sparkly chandelier greets Guss and I at the door

"Groomingdales Boutique Reception"

So many interesting bits and pieces to look at and to buy, my eyes were dating everywhere

even little canisters of doggy biscuits

OK now here's the hydro bath behind the distressed glass door screen, Phyllis is peeking around sussing out her next client...probably thinking oh no that's a big body to wash (Guss)

Naturally all dogs are greeted with a a cup of Puppachino and a biscuit at Groomingdales

blue polka dot dish for boys and pink for girls

The hydro bath is filled and ready for Guss, at this point I leave it to Phyllis

I knew I was quite welcome to sit on the garden seat with a coffee and magazine while Phylis was working her magic with Guss

He's all finished now, oh I gave him a big cuddle, he smelt so good, nails clean and sweet. Look at the bandanna Phyllis has tied around his neck so cute, only thing is his neck is so so so big he had to have two bandannas tied together to go around that BIG neck, even then they just fitted

As Guss and I were saying thanks so much for the most caring and professional treatment imaginable, there was yet another surprise...take a look below...every dog gets a little token goodie box filled with doggy so cute, felt like I was back in the days of picking the kids up from a birthday party with their little birthday party treats.

Only trap is, bit hard to get the dogs to come back home after being with Phyllis!!!

We would highly recommend Groomingdales,
you can contact them through their email address shown below or contact us on our email address for details

Thanks so much for your interest
Gail and Guss

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