Thursday, November 8, 2007

I've been looking for ages and here it is!

After working away full on this morning it was time for a break, OK a very quick bit of food shopping then, well why not a detour to the OP shop.
I found this mirror window frame, below is it, I think it's only made from mdf board and four seperate mirrors sort of stuck on, I could see the potenial there! It cost me all of $3.00, very bold colours

I originally got the idea of a window mirror from Cindy of Romantic Homes Blog Spot, Cindy's is a little different as she has lovely architrave surrounding the frame, you can click here to see Cindy's version

I couldn't spend too much time on this project, we are desperately trying to get some goodies together for our weekend market, anyway, below is my finished window, I pretty much painted it as I was working on my other bits and pieces.

I've sanded back around the edges to make it look old, I love it and will post some photos of where I end up hanging it

Here it is sitting in the back garden on my work bench, I've put some of my nearly finished items in front of the mirror, then edited the photo, don't you think it looks like a real windo

Now this was the other "Item" I found in the same Op Shop, sorry I'd been painting and forgot to wash my hands, very unusual for me to have any part of me in a photo, it was the only way to show you the involved way this whatever it is has been made. Can you imagine hand sewing all those little triangles, then sewing them togther?

What on earth am I going to do with it?

Last One
Ali Regan here at last is something I've created using the beautiful paper you designed

update on my hanging cherubs in the process of being aged
I think they are looking good

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