Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Two New Paintings

Here's two of my most recently finished paintings

As I was loading my photos, and thinking this isn't much to write about, I then started thinking of the different ways and reasons we all create and post on our blogs, quite a few versions when you think about it...
I know for me I'm quite happy sharing new ideas, whether it be my artwork, Tony's newly created furniture, our markets, a naughty dog or something we've achieved around the house or garden...etc. etc. it's lovely to have comments left, well don't we all get a thrill from them (thanks to those who do) to me though that's not my sole purpose of creating a blog, I've had wonderful emails from so many people saying they just love reading the blogs and don't necessarily want to or know how to leave comments, sort of like flicking through a magazine, as long as I have interested people enjoying looking at my postings, it makes it all worth while....thanks so much whether you be bloggers or browsers..


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