Monday, December 17, 2007

Beach Huts

Hope everyone's getting through the week OK, it's a bit crazy out in the shopping centres at the moment isn't it... still 8 days to go!! ehk!!
On my second trip to the post office today I took my camera, walked across the road to the beach and took some photos of some of the beach huts, I'm so enthusiastic to get a Shabby Beach Section going on our website and revive our Beach section we have at our markets, been a bit neglected over the winter months

I love to have some sort of photo or inspirational whatever in front of me when I'm painting.

I thought these photos I took might do the trick

We even have a Local Vote for the Best Beach Hut

Some of these beach huts are heritage listed, they have no power, no water and you're not really meant to sleep in them overnight.

Some of the well positioned beach huts are valued at the same price as an average family home

I've always had a fascination with the way people decorate them, next time I'll try and take some inside the beach hut photos, you won't believe how some of them are decked out inside....oh my gosh!

Hope you enjoyed my Beach Hut Photos as much as I enjoyed taking them, can't tell you how much the walk along the beach did for me today.

The beach looks so peaceful in my photos, I think by this time next week it will be a different story

Have a wonderful week

thanks for visiting


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